Yoga Journal Names Namaste Yoga Best Yoga Instructional Videos for Beginners

Author: Omnifilm Entertainment

In Yoga Journal’s roundup of the Best Yoga Instructional Videos, they named Namaste Yoga the best for beginners. 

For Yoga Journal, written by Aaron Reynolds (December 2019):

Quickly Learn from a Master Yoga Instructor. Namaste Yoga teaches the traditions of Hatha/Vinyasa style yoga through 13 episodes. Each episode lasts 22 minutes for those who are new to yoga, or who are busy and short on time. These classes are exciting and manageable.

What We Liked: 

The complete first season of Namaste Yoga is available to watch and follow from the convenience of your home, and it is more than just an exercise video as the yoga instruction walks you through ways to calm your mind, strengthen your body, and inspire your soul. The yoga instructional videos are led by master yoga teacher Kate Potter. She gives you 13 short, entry-level classes that highlight the art and practice of yoga. The background settings for the yoga instructional videos are incredible, as the footage is captured throughout the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. Also, advanced yoga practitioners can also learn a thing or two from Namaste Yoga. The Hatha/Vinyasa style yoga teaches concepts like Warrior III, Crane Arm Balance, and Revolved Triangle Pose.”

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