Omnifilm Services

Co-Productions and Co-Ventures

Collaboration is our guiding principle as we bring talented partners together to create world class entertainment. Canada has co-production treaties with more than 65 countries worldwide and Omnifilm is ideally positioned. We have co-produced major scripted and non-scripted projects with partners in the UK/Europe as well as Asia and have co-ventured with US studios on high budget drama series. As a vertically integrated content company, we are able to provide and oversee a full range of activities including project financing, production, full-service post-production, and international distribution.  Our finance and legal teams have decades of experience in navigating the web of Canadian and international laws and program guidelines.   We know how to take full advantage of the fiscal benefits offered in Canada and abroad for treaty co-productions and co-ventures.

Production Services

Leveraging nearly four decades of experience in the Canadian market, Omnifilm Entertainment provides integrated turnkey production services. Led by an outstanding back office and production team, our company assists multiple clients with project management, accounting, navigating the Canadian tax regime, and providing efficient physical production that utilizes the latest technology. We know BC’s local crews and suppliers and can negotiate preferential deals based on our longstanding reputation and steady volume of production. We oversee shooting across Canada and can manage post-production and deliveries through our fully owned subsidiary, Omnifilm Post.

Omnifilm Post

As one of Canada’s leading post-production facilities, we execute end-to-end post-production from initial dailies and editorial through to final colour correction and deliveries for series, film, and documentaries. Omnifilm Post’s state of the art premises include three finishing rooms that can interchangeably run Avid, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut and Premiere, along with a dedicated colour suite running DaVinci Resolve. The facility is fully 4K native and provides digital deliveries through a high-capacity fibre optic link to clients across the globe.Asia.

Omnifilm Releasing

For nearly forty years, Omnifilm Releasing has distributed hundreds of hours of award-winning programming including drama, comedy, factual and lifestyle series, feature documentaries, and children’s programming.

Our team has a proven ability to efficiently exploit all available rights, including broadcast and digital, to distribution outlets worldwide. In partnership with our post facility, Omnifilm Releasing is able to deliver to all industry-leading technical specifications in-house. We attend major distribution markets and look forward to connecting with you.

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